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Alana Vs. Ellie

It seems that eceryone at Brush Ranch has found their "group", but two campers, Alana and Aaron, still feel left out.
While Alana wishes she were in the "popular group", Aaron wishes he were one of the "cool kids" in the cabin.
When auditions for the camp play of "Annie" are announced, Alana becomes excited and hopes for a part.
At the same time, Ellie, one of "popular girls" that Alana doesn't get along with, also hopes she gets a part. To make matters worse, they both want the part of "Annie".

On the other side of camp, the Rustlers are taking on the challenge of the low ropes course, and Aaron hopes it is his turn to be a leader. However, he has problems completing the challenge, which makes his whole cabin have to do the challenges again.

That night, in Indian Creek, Alana comments on Ellie's bathing suit, and Ellie takes offense to the comment. The other girls defend Ellie, and Alana's apologies are not taken seriously.
Amanda and Kelly try to comfort Alana, and Alana tells them how she feels that Ellie always treats her poorly.
Amanda suggests Alana try to find something both her and Ellie have in common, but Alana feels that she will never fit in.
Outside of the cabin, Kat tells the girls to help Alana through the Summer since she is one of the younger girls in the cabin. They promise they will, and Kat hopes the conflicts will be resolved.

During an Ultimate Frisbee game, Aaron becomes upsat because he cannot catch the frisbee or make a correct goal. A counselor gives Aaron a short pep talk, and Aaron gets back out on the field. After a few mistakes, he is able to score a goal for his team.

It's time for "Annie" auditions, and campers young and small read off the script and stumble through lines in hopes of getting a part.
Ellie decides not to try out for "Annie" because she wants Alana to have her own "thing"; her own hobby at camp that is different from all the other Indian Creek girls.

During the auditions, Alana is lucky enough to sing for the play director, "Happy", and he is impressed by her voice.

At the same time, the boys are rockclimbing, and Aaron volunteers to take on the climb first. As he makes his way up the steep rock, his cabin mates cheer him on. Aaron is able to make it to the top.

A few days later, Alana recieves the part of July in "Annie", the oldest orphan with alot of singing.
Weeks later, after many rehearsals, the play opens, and Alana and the rest of the cast do a great job.