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Will Todd face his fear?

The end of camp is near, and the campers are trying to conquer their fears and challenge themselves in the last few days.
Two campers, Todd and Kristen have made the most of camp, but still have fears they have not conquered. Todd's fear of heights and Kristen's fear and nervousness about riding horses.

At the ropes course, Todd watches his cabin mates, Bryan and Lee, finish the ropes course without problems, but when it is his turn, he is unsure if he can do it.
Sitting on a small wooden platform connected to a tree up in the air, Todd pushes himself to swing to the next hoop. He is unable to do this and is dissapointed in himself and upset when he is the only one of his cabin mates that did not finish the course.

At the same time, Kristen and the other girls practice horse-back riding. Kristen has a few problems with getting the horse moving, but is able to keep up with everyone else. However, when her group is riding trails in the woods, Kristen's horse becomes scared, and makes Kristen nervous about horse-back riding. She is able to finish the ride succesfully, however, and she explains how she feels good that she accomplished something she had never done before.

Brad and Rob, the boy's counselor, take Todd back out to the ropes course one more time before the end of camp. With a little bit of bribery, Todd tries the course, which makes him feel good about the experience. As Rob promised, Todd gets a "coke-float" as a teat.

Later, at Vespers (a camp-fire type tradition), Kristen is named "camper of the week" for her accomplishments