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How will the campers handle the end of term 1?

It is the end of term 1 and the campers are packing up their belongings and getting ready to leave.
Brendon and Bryan, the only Rustlers staying for second session watch their friends pack and Brendon explains that "it was like they were packing up our friendship."

In Indian Creek, the girls have finished packing and have gathered in the meadow to play a game. The girls pass a ball of yarn around to one another, giving their fellow cabin mates positive comments.

Later that night, while the Rustlers sit around a campfire and talk about their favorite memories, the Indian Creek girls raid the kitchen and head back to their cabin with a pan of brownies and treats.

The next day the campers are packed and ready. On the last day it is a tradition that the camper's parents come to camp and watch their kid's new talents. However, Kristen's Dad wasn't able to come.
While Kristen watches the other campers greet their parents, her Dad suprises her by showing up at the horse arena. Kristen shows him her new horse riding talents and he is amazed.

The other campers show off their new talents on the ropes course, in the swimming pool, and at fencing class.

However, it is now time for the campers to leave, and the cabins share emotional goodbyes as the campers leave one by one

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