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Term 2 has begun...

While the counselors are setting up the tents and cabins before the second term campers arrive, the campers remaining from first term share their feelings about the new campers arriving.
Brendon and Bryan, the only remaining Rustlers, admit that they are afraid they won't get along as well with the second term campers as they did the first term.
Feelings are the same in Indian Creek, where Kelly, Hallie, Megan, and Amanda are the only girls remaining.

Alana is the first to arrive in Indian Creek, and the girls welcome her with hugs. However, Alana wonders if they were being phony, since they didn't know her at all.

On the Rustler's side of camp, Jake and Aaron, two very opposite cousins arrive.
Jake makes his reason for coming to camp very clear: "I come each year for the ladies." He smiles.
Aaron on the other hand tells the cameras that HIS Summer goal is to become cool, like his cousin Jake.

Back in Indian Creek, Sarah, Leela, and Alex, friends from home, arrive. Megan and Allie do not have good impressions about the girls, and they feel the girls probably would not let anyone else into the friendship.

All the campers have arrived, and the day begins.
Sarah tells her friends that Eve, her friend from home, told her to make sure Bryan didn't go out with anybody second term, since they (Eve and Bryan) had been going out first term.
Bryan has other ideas. "Okay, we'll stop flirting. Yeah right." He says.

Things are going smoothly in the Rustler's tent, but in Indian Creek, Megan shares her feelings about the second term girls with Caroline, the counselor.
Caroline tells her to make sure that she at least tries to meet the girls and that she doesn't stick with the girls from last term.

One camper that doesn't have a problem with the change is Amanda who bonds with Alex and Leela quickly.

That evening, while the Rustlers have a second term opening campfire where they share their goals for the Summer, the girls in Indian Creek have a show and tell session where they learn about eachother.

How will the campers get along? Watch "Bug Juice" on the Disney Channel at 8:30 PM/ 7:30 Central.

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