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Megan has a fan club....

Jen and Eve have left but the camp is still stunned as to what had happened. Some still wondered "why" they were gone. The Rustlers counselor, Rob, tries to confort Bryan and make sure he doesn't become too upset over the fact that Eve has left.
"You're strong." Rob tells Bryan.

However, life goes on, and the campers interests are now turned to the upcoming Brush Ranch Camps dance.
Megan is asked by Todd to the dance and later learns from the other girls in her cabin that Todd isn't her only admirer. It seems that that Bryan has now set his sights on Megan as well.

While his fellow cabin mates worry about the dance, Alex seems to still be upset about Jen's quick departure. His friend from home, Lee, conforts him and Alex still seems upset, but also seems to be getting better.

It's the night of the dance, and the campers are dancing in the meeting hall. However, it seems that although he asked her to the dance, Todd has not spoken to Megan the whole night.
Bryan also notices this, and asks Megan to dance.
"His loss." Megan smiles when Bryan asks her why Todd hasn't asked her to dance.
Almost on cue, Todd enters the scene, playfully pushing Bryan aside.
"You were over there and I was over there." Todd tells Megan when she asks him why he hadn't asked her to dance earlier.
"You could have walked over." She smiles.

Later, the girls discuss the nights events, laughing. Another day at Brush Ranch Camps.