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The Rustler's are tired of Bryan's goofing off...

The other Rustlers and counselors have been noticing Bryan's tendancy to goof off and and misbehave, and while he is being punished for goofing off during a Rustler's ball game, Josh, tired of Bryan's behavior, talks to Rob.
"You can't take Bryan's insults seriously. He insults everybody. That's just his nature." Rob tells Josh.

On the other side of Brush Ranch, in Indian Creek, Kelly and Megan watch the other girls talk and laugh, but stay out of the conversation.
"They talk about last year a lot..." Megan says, comparing this terms girls with last term.

Back in the Rustler's tent, Bryan is told to stop his behavior because he is disrupting the tent.
"I came here to have a good time, and you aren't going to stop me." Bryan tells the cameras, talking about his view on his behavior.
That night, the Rustlers are treated to coke floats in the kitchen, but first, they must conplete a secret "mission".
The Rustlers are left alone to take on the mission and figure out riddles on their way to the kitchen, which is when Bryan's goofing-off upsets the other boys.
When they all arrive at the kitchen, all the other Rustlers begin to point fingers at Bryan. The head boy's counselor sees tonight didn't work as planned, and he sends the Rustler's back to the tent for the night.
"Bryan's self-centered and doesn't think of anyone else." Brendon says, talking abouth that night's event.

In Indian Creek, Kelly and Megan are missing the first term girls, and are having problems adjusting to how different this term's girls are.
Megan voices her concerns with Caroline, the counselor.
"Everyone just has to try to get along..." Megan says.

In the Rustler's tent, the boys are having a cabin meeting, and Bryan gets to tell everyone what he thought of the mission.
"I thought everyone was taking it too seriously." He says. The other Rustler's tell him that he needs to stop misbehaving and goofing off so much, and Bryan takes what they say seriously, promising he will try harder to respect their wishes.

The next day, while the boys practice a skit for Hootenanny, the girls try out the bonding course. They finish the course succesfully, and are proud of themselves and eachother.

That evening, the boys perform their Hootenanny skit that they spent the day practicing. In the end, they came together and worked as a cabin.