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One choice will change four live forever...

While the Rustlers are away on a rafting trip, the girl's counselors decide to have a huddle-up. The counselors explain they have heard things about some of the girls in the cabin that disturbed them. They decided to have an "honesty-night". If any of the girls needed to talk to the counselors, the counselors would listen.
Eve, thinking nothing of the talk, goes to bed....

In the morning, Hallie, Kelly, Amanda, and the other girls notice Eve is gone, and are later told she had been asked to leave camp after making a bad desicion. The girls are stunned, not knowing what to think. As a cabin, minus Eve, they leave for breakfast.

During breakfast, Jen talks to the camp director and decides that she should leave too. The camp director explains to the the girls that once again, another one of their cabin mates has left after making a bad decision.

The Rustlers return from their rafting trip and soon learn that Eve and Jen had been asked to leave camp. Alex and Bryan, being very close to the girls, were upset and were left not knowing why their friends had been asked to leave.

The campers learned that day that before they made a desicion, they had to think about the consequences. With Eve and Jen gone, the campers realized that all they could do was continue having fun and try to make the most out of camp.