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Episode 16

Jake shows his rebellious side...

As he watches Jake goof around with the other Rustlers, Aaron tells the cameras how he wishes he were just like Jake.
"Jake is just a lot older and a lot cooler." Aaron says.
However, some of the counselors aren't happy with Jake's attitude and behavior.
Josh, the Boy's Camp Director believes Josh doesn't know how to share his feelings, so he builds up his anger and energy inside.

In Main Camp, while Bryan and Sarah rehearse for the camp play of "Annie", Amanda and Alex talk about how Leela is upset at Sarah for the "Bryan/ Eve/ Sarah thing".
"She's never been upset at Sarah before." Alex tells Amanda.
Sarah seems to be wondering about her relationship with Brayn as well, and wonders how Eve will take the news when she reads in Sarah's letter that Sarah and Bryan are now going out.

At the ropes course, Kat watches Jake's leadership ability and wonders why he behaves so well at the ropes course, and not everywhere else at camp.
"'Cause you're my favorite teacher, Kat." Jake jokes, when Kat asks him about the situation and his behavior.

In Indian Creek, the girls are packing for a horseback riding/ overnight trip, that Ellie is reluctant to go on.
Once the girls arrive at the stables, Ellie is frightened by the size of the horse, and is afraid to ride.

At the same time, back at camp, the Rustlers have started a "Big Brother" prgram, where they will act as the older siblings to some of the younger campers.
Jake is paired up with Thomas, a young camper who is often homesick.
Once they meet, Thomas tells Jake how he feels lonely and homesick.
Jake tries to comfort Thomas, and Thomas's mind is taken off his homesickness for awhile.
"Some people don't think much of him, but I like him." Thomas smiles, talling the cameras what he thinks of Jake.

Back on the horseback riding trip, Ellie is nervous about the rough parts of the ride, and the other girls also sense she is nervous.
During the rough part of the trip, Alex talks to Ellie, and Ellie seems to forget all about her worries.

As they set up their tents for the night, Leela tells Hallie what she thinks about Sarah and Bryan going out.
"I just want to talk to Sarah about it, but I don't know how to." Leela says.
"Isn't that what camp's about? Conquering your fears?" Hallie asks.

The next day during Archery, Jake goofs off and misbehaves while Thomas watches.
"If his behavior continues, he is in danger of going home." Brad says.

When the girls return home that evening from their trip, Sarah talks to Caroline about Leela.
Caroline suggests Sarah and Leela talk, and Sarah wonders if it is a good idea.
However, once Sarah begins talking with Leela, they are able to get their feelings out and tell eachother how they feel.
After the talk, Sarah says, "I think Leela and my friendship has definitley changed. We'll always love eachother, but it's [the friendship] pretty delicate."