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Bug Juice Zone Panelists (Week 2)

See what this panelist had to say...

This week's panelist, Bethany, decided to write a few random notes while watching "Bug Juice". Take a look:

NOTE: These notes were taken while our panelist watched EPISODE #14: Alana Vs. Ellie

-Aaron is so awesome. I love him. Hes so upfront and cute that he wants to be like Jake and Bryan. He idolizes them. Although I cant figure out why hed want to be like them. Still cute though.

-Alanas a bit weird.

-But rock on with the pottery.

-Ok, Ellie, why is your nicest skirt on the floor?

-Ellie is sort of annoying, but so is Alana. I actually thought she was going to be ok and sort of bond with Kelly and Megan, but no. She has to go and be annoying.

-I smell an Ellie vs. Alana showdown.

-I agree with Alana. Ellies swimsuit is little. Perhaps a bit much for the Disney Channel.

-Awww poor Alana crying. Suck it up girl. She totally shouldnt have said that though. Shes way insecure. She needs to stop concentrating on pleasing everyone else and think about just being herself and having a good time. Being in the "popular" group isnt everything.

-Amanda is so nice.

-And yeah Alana, that really was trying so hard to be Ellies friend when you made that comment about her swimsuit. Some advice for Alana: insulting people is not the best way to go about making friends.

-Sara speaks the truth. Alana is going about making friends the wrong way.

-How much does it suck for Alana that they had to have a meeting about how to deal with her.

-Ok, Aaron, calm down. Stop having Frisbee issues. Just accept that you rock and get over it.

-Why must they take their shirts off to play frisbee? Some kind of initiation ritual? Ahhh. I get it. Shirts and skins?

-Ah well. At least Aaron got a storyline. I hope that isnt the only one theyll give him.

-Wow, that frisbee game was like, the turning point in Aarons life.

-This whole frisbee storyline fills the void left by hyper Bryan. I think that perhaps all his hyper story lines were ADD-induced. Like Adam on Road Rules. Maybe they got that kid some Ritalin, and are at a loss for storylines. But the squeezed one out of this Frisbee thing.

-That is really cool of Ellie not to try out for Annie.

-I dont think Alana is really that good of a singer.

-"Happy." ??

-Yeah Aaron. Thats right, take charge. All hail Aaron, King Belly Flopper.

-Orphans wear pajamas? Alana was sort of laughing while she was singing.

-And again. All problems seem to be solved in 30 minutes.

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