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Season 1


CAMP: Camp Waziyatah located in Waterford, Maine

CAMPERS (Session 1)


Everett, 13
Connor, 14
Jon, 13
Andy, 13
Malik, 13
Andrew, 14 1/2
Asa, 12
Hassan, 14
Jason, 15

Counselors: Rhett and Morgan


Kisha, 14
Lauren, 13
Megan, 13
Martha, 14
Jenny, 13
Caitlin, 15
Stephanie, 14
Sarai, 14
Alison, 14

Counselors: Luna and Annie


EPISODE 1- Counselors Rhett and Luna set up for camp; excited and nervous campers arrive, ready for a great Summer.

EPISODE 2- 2nd day jitters; swim tests and orientation; Jenny and Kisha fight about the fact they both have a crush on Hassan.

EPSIODE 3- The girls try to get used to living with others; Rhett worries the campers who came with friends won't welcome others into their friendship.

EPISODE 4- Nina, the Adventure-Bound program coordinator takes Grove 4 and Hill 3 on a bushwacking trip that causes cooperation problems for the kids.

EPSIODE 5- The first Waziyatah dance sparks romance between campers.

EPSIODE 6- Creative Writing gives Jason, Megan and Malike a chance to prove their talents; Waziyatah's boys basketball team have their first competition; Grove 4, Kisha, and Sarai join the talent show.

EPISODE 7- Hill 3, having problems coming together as a cabin, become in charge of setting up an all-camp campfire with the theme: "Unity"; Caitlin wants to leave camp.

EPISODE 8- Visiting Day; Luna confronts Sarai about her attitude that has gotten her into trouble, and ruined her friendship with Kisha.

EPISODE 9- All-girls Adventure-Bound hike; Asa, being the youngest in the cabin, has problems fitting in.

EPISODE 10- Andrew gets the lead in the Waziyatah play; Connor and Stephanie break-up knowing that Connor will have to leave when session 1 ends in the next few days.

EPISODE 11- Challenge Day; The last day of Session 1 makes the campers realize how many friends they had met in four weeks.

CAMPERS (Session 2)


Max, 13
Andrew (Andy), 13
Jon, 13
Patrick, 13
Malik, 13
Andrew, 14 1/2
Asa, 12
Hassan, 14
Justin, 13


Kisha, 14
Cammie, 13
Molly, 13
Sarah, 13
Annie, 13
Caitlin, 15
Stephanie, 14
Sarai, 14
Anna, 14

EPISODE 12- The campers staying from session 1 prepare for session 2 campers; first-impressions

EPISODE 13- Sarai, who is having problems adjusting to the new girls, leaves camp; Cammie, the energy of the cabin, joins the takent show. Kisha also joins.

EPISODE 14- An all-boys Adventure-Bound hike creates a bond in the new Grove 4; The Waziyatah Girls- basketball team have their first game.

EPISODE 15- Malik makes the most of camp; Caitlin tries to conquer her fears of heights while the cabin rockclimbs.

EPISODE 16- A co-ed Adventure-Bound canoeing trip gives the kids time to meet others from the opposite gender; romance between the kids ensues.

EPISODE 17- ACC, and all-camp games competition, lets the campers show their competitive side.

EPISODE 18- Closing campfire and the last day of camp cause the campers and counselors to share thier emotions and feelings about camp.

EPISODE 19- "Bug Juice: Scrapbook" A montage of the season's events; camp footage that never made it to the final cut.