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"Bug Juice" Panelists (Week 1)

What do these panelists think?


Favorite Camper: Amanda
Seasons watched: All three

Name: TARA
Favorite Camper: Bryan
Seasons watched: All of Season three, some season two

QUESTION: Overall, what do you think of this year's season of "Bug Juice"?

BETHANY: Some of the campers are very interesting. I could go on for ever about how scared I am of Houston. The "main" campers focused on seem to be Bryan, Alex, Houston, Amanda, Eve and Jen. I dislike the episodes where they focus on one single camper who has yet to have a story line. For example, the episode about Todd and Kristen. The most exciting thing that has happened so far is the whole Eve/Jen scandal. The most entertaining has been Houston being obsessed with Amanda.

TARA: I love "Bug Juice" this season! It is such a great show. I wish I would have started watching it from the very beginning. I watch it because I have always wanted to go to Summer Camp, but never got the chance to, so watching "Bug Juice" makes me feel like I am there.

QUESTION: Who is your favorite camper and why? Also, who is the most annoying?

TARA: My favorite camper was Eve, because she brought so much life to the camp. She was outgoing and I liked that she was a match maker. I thought that was really cute. I also liked Jen a lot too, because she was so sensitive and sweet. However, now that Eve and Jen are gone, my favorite camper is Bryan, because he is such a cutie.

BETHANY: My favorite Season 3 camper is Amanda, and my all-time faves are Cammie and Andy from Season 1 and Stephen from Season 2. By far the most entertaining television I'd seen in a while was the last episode of Season 2 where Stephen was breaking down and crying "We were like brothers, man, brothers!" Laughed for hours.

Who is the most annoying? Wow that's difficult to pick just one. Well I' say that Houston and Alex are more entertaining than annoying, and Eve and Jen were just interesting. Bryan annoys me to no end. And I don't like that girl that was all "I came to camp because of Eve!!" That was a little bit weird.

QUESTION: How do you think "Bug Juice 3" compares to the other seasons?

BETHANY: I have to say that I am very loyal to Season 1. I watched the whole thing from the beginning and saw every single episode. It was definitely my favorite season. I actually liked a lot of the campers.
Then when Season 2 came out two years later I was all excited but then it sucked. I only like Stephen, he was funny- - -And Chasen, who was like, "Dang, we don't hike up hills in Cali. We use cars!" I don't even remember any of the girls, I think they all sort of were the same, no one stood out. Too many session changes to form opinions about much of anyone.
I was all set for Season 3 to suck too, and it really did at first. I was terrified of Houston (Houston if you're reading this...I'm just kidding. Please don't hurt me!) Actually I'm sure he's very nice. So on a scale of one to ten, 10 being the suckiest and 1 being Wazi, Season 3 has been like a 7 while Season 2 was a 9.

QUESTION: What do you think has been the most interesting moment of this season so far?

TARA: I think the most interesting moment so far, even though it was a sad one, was when Eve and Jen got kicked out of camp. I did not see that coming. Everyone wanted to know WHAT they did, but it never said. When I saw the preview, and saw Eve crying, and driving home with her mom, I though she was leaving because she wanted to. Then, when I saw the episode, I was very suprised!

BETHANY and TARA will be back next week for their second week as panelists.

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